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ANSYS training: Everything to Know

ANSYS training: Everything to Know

Sohaib Alam

Why ANSYS training is important and where to get it from?

Software like ANSYS are constantly changing and upgrading due to the demands of the rapidly changing industry. Though annual upgrades to ANSYS are essential, they may result in some problems for the users as they might have inadequate knowledge regarding the changes and upgrades. This can lead to resentment and in turn, result in a lack of productivity. One of the most effective methods to counter this is to provide your workforce with proper ANSYS training.

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ANSYS Training program

With each iteration of ANSYS, new features are added to expand the software capabilities and cover a bigger working envelope to cater the demands of the industry. Along with new features, there are also changes to the theme and the interface of the software to keep the aesthetics fresh and modern. New features and design changes mean that the current users need proper and timely training for the changes, so they can adapt to the newer version of the software faster.

ANSYS training courses and programs are official training courses provided by ANSYS to allow the users to easily transition from the older version of the software to the new one. To facilitate the transfer, training programs are available in all disciplines ranging from as simple as 3D designs to complicated systems and structure. 

The benefit of ANSYS training

Apart from the fact that the training programs help in facilitating the transition from the old software to the new, there are also other several other factors that every organization should consider before putting their employees in the relevant ANSYS training courses. 

  • Full utilization of features and features

To truly make the most out of ANSYS latest versions, the functions and features that are most valid to an individual must be at their fingertips. This includes shortcut keys, templates and menu options. By enabling your employees to use these features confidently, employees can complete more tasks in minimal time. 

  • A happier workplace

A user finding it hard to cope up with the changes and updates to the software will ultimately become frustrated and then resentful. Some might rage, some may stress out. All these feelings in the workplace can result in tension and problems at the workplace which results in a lack of efficiency and productivity. By providing enough training to your employees on ANSYS, you basically remove one of the reasons for your staff to be frustrated.

  • Quick solution

By providing your team with adequate ANSYS training, they will benefit from increased knowledge and software familiarity; therefore, increased usability. This results in the employees to solve the issues by themselves and increase work efficiency. Quick solutions and employees finding it easier to solve the issues will also result in a healthy work environment. 

  • Better corporate image

By keeping your staff updated to the new design and features of the software via proper ANSYS training courses, your company image is also improved as your employees can be certified with the newer versions of ANSYS. Clients look for companies that are up to date with the changes in the industry. With adequate training and proper certifications, your employee development can increase along with a better corporate image.

  • Immediate feedback

With ANSYS training programs under proper instructors, the employees can receive immediate feedback on their performance and efficacy. Along with this, the ANSYS instructors can provide constructive feedback on the spot, allowing the individuals to hone their mastery at a time and retry new skills. 

  • No risks

When a new version of ANSYS is introduced to the users without any training, the users tend to be hesitant to use the software and fear of making mistakes. With proper training under an instructor, the employees can overcome these fears earlier and have fewer of them in the long run. Reduction in these fears and risks make the employees more productive and efficient in their work.

Complex simulations like these require high training and specialization
  • Quantifiable training

One of the key benefits of ANSYS training from certified instructors is that it can be easily measured. Tracking, analyzing and reporting on training data significantly helps the HR departments with better insights on the performance of the organization and each individual employee. 

  • Multiple uses

Though ANSYS training sessions help individuals learn new things and be familiarized with the new interface, these training sessions serve as a refresher opportunity for the employees to strengthen their skills and overcome any gap in their work efficiency or efficacy. 

Where to find the best ANSYS training programs

For the users to adjust to the changes in the new version of ANSYS as well as to learn something completely new, there are several online and in-person training sessions that the individuals or the corporations can make use of. Some of the well-known and industrial proven ANSYS training providers are mentioned below;

ANSYS Inc. training programs

The first place to refer for ANSYS training is the training program offered by ANSYS Inc. ANSYS has several types of training plans for both individual and corporate learning. For individual learning, they have three different plans;

  • Annual Subscription

For little more than the cost of the single training courses, the annual subscription of ANSYS gives the user on-demand unlimited access to virtual classroom and self-paced learning at the ANSYS learning Hub. 

  • Single-Course Registration

As the name suggests, this ANSYS training program is limited to one single course and the user can select from many global class offerings categorized by different course levels, products and disciplines.

  • Private training 

Private ANSYS training is a bit more expensive than both the single-course and annual subscriptions but learning from private is much more efficient and direct. The private sessions can also be kept with groups of up to 10 participants. 

ANSYS also has training programs for corporates as well. Corporate subscriptions of ANSYS are training plans for big corporates that need to train their employees in big sessions and batches. The corporate subscription has two different training modules as stated below

  • Corporate learning and adoption

ANSYS entire portfolio can be fully customized to develop a corporate learning program that caters to the demands of the corporations. This program is convenient and tailor-made for each organization.

A front wing of an F1 car tested for structural integrity

CAE associates

CAE Associates is a private ANSYS training provider that has made a name for themselves for giving unparalleled ANSYS training on various simulation categories. CAE associates are known to provide training from real-world engineering analyses and many modern ANSYS training applications – not by just simple textbook examples. 
CAE associates offer both basic and advanced training courses on topics including FEA, CFD, CFX, LS-Dyna and ANSYS multi-physics and mechanical. CAE associates also have a state-of-the-art training facility at Middlebury, Connecticut. For complete details on their ANSYS training programs, click here.

Ozen Engineering Inc

Ozen Engineering Inc has two training facilities for training product and testing engineers from all around the world. One of their facilities is located at Sunnyvale while the other is located at Durham. Though most of the ANSYS training sessions are held at their training facilities, remote training can also be provided at an extra cost. For course selection and their schedule, please find the complete details on their website here

Simple structural analysis of a piston connecting rod shaft

With proper ANSYS training, you automatically become more productive and efficient as compared to anyone still figuring out on their own on how to use the software. If you like us to cover more articles or tutorials on ANSYS, do let us know in the comment section below. Let’s grow together!

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Sohaib Alam

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