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Sunglass helps you find and hire the best developers and designers to build anything you need for your business. Companies and start-ups choose to work with our teams for their mission critical projects. Connect with us to quickly assess your project needs, scope, and costs. Get started with one of our expert team members in Ann Arbor, MI for a free consultation.

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Michael Wu
Lead Engineer
Michael has been leading engineering teams for the last 4 years. He specializes in HTML5 and app development.
Alice Johansson
Front End Developer and TPM
Alice excels in technical project management and front end development skills. She has been working with fortune 500 companies and startups for the last 3 years.
Jonathan Miller
Sr. Full Stack Engineer
Jonathan brings a full stack engineering skill set to Sunglass small businesses. He has more than 5 years of experience working with startups in and around the Midwest.

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Highly Recommended for App Development

I worked with Sunglass to find an app designer for our startup digital marketing agency. They sourced a top notch developer with experience in many other areas such as HTML5 and 3D design, which we ended up needing again in other projects later on. Highly recommended.

Great Prices, Better Communication

We hired two developers from Sunglass’ expert community in Michigan, and we are very happy we did. We needed an ecommerce site with real time updates, slick animation, and clean style as well as a photography app. Matt was able to connect us with two developers near us in Michigan that were very reasonably priced and excellent communicators. We were surprised with Sunglass and lucky to have found them when we did.

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Est. Hourly Rate for Developers in Ann Arbor, MI

$30.3 per hour

Based on salary info from Glassdoor

Example Developer Salaries in Ann Arbor, MI

Job TitleLocationSalary
7 Nexient Developer salariesAnn Arbor, MI$49,286
4 Systems In Motion Developer salariesAnn Arbor, MI$55,170
2 University of Michigan Developer salariesAnn Arbor, MI$73,733
1 University of Michigan Developer salariesAnn Arbor, MI$10/hr
1 MSCI Developer salariesAnn Arbor, MI$22/hr
1 Altarum Developer salariesAnn Arbor, MI$64,735
1 NSF International Developer salariesAnn Arbor, MI$78,023
1 HookLogic Developer salariesAnn Arbor, MI$44,902
1 Pillar Technology Group Developer salariesAnn Arbor, MI$51/hr
1 Arbor Research Collaborative for Health Developer salariesAnn Arbor, MI$82,605
1 Dynamic Edge Developer salariesAnn Arbor, MI$58,673
1 Telligent Systems Developer salariesAnn Arbor, MI$59,849
1 DocNetwork Developer salariesAnn Arbor, MI$41,378
1 Menlo Innovations Developer salariesAnn Arbor, MI$17/hr
1 UNIFIED (MI) Developer salariesAnn Arbor, MI$53,143
1 IndustryStar Solutions Developer salariesAnn Arbor, MI$31/hr
10 ThoughtWorks Applications Developer salariesAnn Arbor, MI$105,663
8 University of Michigan Web Developer salariesAnn Arbor, MI$14/hr
8 MyBuys Business Development Associate salariesAnn Arbor, MI$33,695
5 Systems In Motion Junior Software Developer salariesAnn Arbor, MI$40,009